June 19, 2024

10 marriage tips for men

🧵10 marriage tips for men

1) Pray salah, recite Quran and make dua together. Listen to Islamic lectures and duroos together. Nothing makes a relationship stronger than building your spiritual relationship together.

2) Plan your future together. From the very beginning, let her know you want her to be the mother of your children. This is something that will always be important to do.

3) Do fun activities together like playing games, sports, puzzles ect

4) Write her little notes on how much she’s appreciated and loved

5) Make her breakfast, lunch, or dinner sometimes.

6) Eat from one Plate. It’s Sunnah.

7) Bless her with gifts every once in a while. It doesnt have to be big.

8) Flirt with her often. Husbands sometimes take their wives for granted, with flirting you show her that she’s still wanted and keeps the fire going in the relationship.

9) Learn to compromise. You dont always have to get your way. Sometimes its better to compromise then to make her feel her wants and desires are unimportant and i consequential.

10) Write her a gratitude letter. Whats a gratitude letter? Its a letter addressed to someone that you are grateful for. This is better done later in the relationship. I’d recommend writing one every 3-10 years. Writing it too often may have them lose their power.

May Allah bless our marriages and grant us the tawfeeq to be excellent Imams of the God Fearing.

Courtesy – @SamQari (Twitter)