May 26, 2024

Aaina Friends Circle – Ramzan Ration Initiative 2024 – Final Closure Report

Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rehmatullahi wa Barakatuhu Brothers and Sisters,

By the Grace and Mercy of Allah Subh’an wa Ta’ala, team Aaina FC has completed the ration distribution for this year-2024 AlHamdulillah!

We had a target of 800 families which seemed difficult in the beginning but ended up with 853 families at the end of the drive with the help of you brothers and sisters’ generous contributions, May Allah Subh’an wa Ta’ala shower His choicest blessings on all of you and accept this from all of us, Aameen!!

Total collection for the whole drive was Rs.17,99,870/- 
Total expense was Rs.17,99,898/- 

Each packet became the value of approx Rs.2,110/- Alhamdulillah!

Those who contributed for one family shall get the reward for more than One InshaAllah!

As usual transportation was borne by our team, the total collection was utilized for food rations.

The distribution happened in Multiple slots across various regions in Pune city, such as Hadapsar, Ramtekdi, Vaiduwadi, Yerwada, Kondhwa, Moshi, Katraj, Vishrantwadi; outskirts of Satara district in Koregaon, Khatav, Pusegaon, Teesgaon etc; remote villages of Ahmednagar & Shirdi such as Songaon, Loni, Hasnapur etc.

New clothes were also distributed amongst more than 500 kids for occasion of Eid. This was arranged separately by our team without any fund raising, Alhamdulillah.

Sanps and video of the entire activity can be viewed below at end of post.

Aaina Friends Circle Ramzan Ration Initiative 2024 report –

The entire team of Aaina FC group is Thankful first to Allah Subh’an wa Ta’ala (Glorified & Exalted be He) and then to each and every person who was a part of this effort either by contributing, distributing, informing, sharing and most importantly making Dua for its proper execution and success. May Allah Subh’an wa Ta’aala grant you with His Mercy and Blessings in this blessed month, and grant the best in this life and beyond compare in the Hereafter. May Allah Subh’an wa Ta’aala make this noble cause a reason for us all to enter Jannah! Aamin!

These families that we reach out with food rations once a year in Ramadhan are the ones who are concerned round the year about their daily meals. Most of these are such that they are not able to work due to some ailments. Some of these try hard to be self-dependent but fail to do so.

These widows and orphans are living a very difficult life, some of us can’t even imagine their pain and grief. Some live in the outskirts of the city area with limited access to clean water, electricity and other basics of daily life. They live in conditions which are unimaginable for most of us.

Food rations for them once a year gives them hope to keep going through the hardships of life, and it gives them a positive lookout to the world that there are people who care for them, and moreover that Allah Ta’aala is loving and looking over them. 

Let’s make the most of the opportunity to benefit the underprivileged in our society everytime we get a chance to do so InshaAllah.

May Allah Ta’aala accept the efforts from all of us, aamin.

Jazaak Allahu Khairan.

Snaps of Ramzan ration initiative activites as below