May 19, 2024

Cute Fight between Husband & Wife

Beautiful Fight between Husband & Wife!

A man and his wife had a serious dispute and they refused to talk to each other all day. In the evening while they were both sitting in the parlour, the man was working on his Laptop while the woman was watching a documentary on TV, then she sneezed:

Her: Alhamdulilah
Him: …. hmm YarhamukiLlah
Her: YahdeekumuLlahu wa yuslihu baalaqum
Him: I guess we are….
Her: (cuts in) I am not still talking to you !!!
20 minutes later, she sneezed again:
Her: Alhamdulilah
Him: …..
Her: is that the Sunnah?
Him: …
Her: I said Alhamdulilah and you refuse to supplicate for me?
Him: Just beg me to talk to you, I know you are dying to hear my voice, women and ego. Yuck. Well YarhamukiLlah
Her: what guts. Who is missing your voice?
Him: really? Is that so?
Her: did you see my purse, I have been looking for it. Need to do some online transactions and my Tab is in it.
Him: (Singing a nasheed)
Her: Don’t give me that face. Where is my purse?
Him: Am not still talking to you.
Her: Gosh, forget about the quarrel OK. Give me my purse like seriously
Him: beg me first before I talk to you
Her: OK am sorry. So talk
Him: tell me you love me 7 times.
Her: oh my, I have at least initiated this discussion. So talk to me.
Him: You are disturbing me please. Simply do my bidding. Tell me you love me 7 times.
Her: for real? Can’t believe I have to do this. OK
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you.
Him: That was too damn fast, I couldn’t hear some of them. Start again.
Her: what a hell….
Him: Oh are you complaining?
Her: No, sorry. OK
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
Him: (cuts in). You look angry, you aren’t saying it with a smile on your face. So smile and start again.
Her: (starts tickle and pinch him)
Him: (laughing hysterically)
Well I kept your purse under your pillow.
Her: I am not still talking to you.!!!

The Sunnah is so beautiful that it makes spouses have no option than to supplicate for each other even when they are quarreling. If there was mutual play, fun and drama between spouses, it would go a long way in helping them to heal during mutual disputes.

May our homes be rectified. Ameen