October 19, 2021

Dont Like Sitting Idle at Home – Do this

If you are Thinking what to do in this 10-15 days when you are at home then –

Read This

1: Deep Clean your House – Clean your Kitchen and every corner of your rooms with sea salt water.

2: Declutter – Seperate all old stuff and clothes that you have not used since 4-5 years and Donate it.

3: Stand in Sun for 15 mins – Most of us in cities have Vitamin D deficiency as we don’t get sunlight.

4: Meditate for minimum 30mins Daily

5: Eat less – Do 1 full day of Fasting to detox your body.

6: See NEWS only 3 times a day – Negative thinking brings more Negative situations. So stay Positive. You are Alive.

7: Play Chess, Carrom, Ludo, Cards, UNO, etc. With your Mom, Dad, Partner and Kids.

8: Rearrange all Important Documents – Property papers, Certificates, Bank Papers, All cards, Light Bills, etc.

9: Clean your Phone / Laptop / Mailbox: Backup all your digital Data and delete all unwanted Photos, Videos Apps, Mails, etc.

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