October 2, 2022

Fund Appeal for masjid in Rabale, Navi Mumbai

As salaamu alaikum wa rehmatullahe wa barakatuhu

Hope you are doing well by the grace, mercy and blessings of Allah (Glorified & Exalted be He)

As of now we only have single room masjid/madarsa in rabale which accomadate 25-30 people only.
We are inprocess to buy the single room availabe adjacent to rabale masjid.
Total amount to be paid is 4.5 lakh and as of now we have given 1 lakh as token and in need of remaining amount of 3 lakh to be given as soon as possible.
As there is necessity to have more space we request to each and everyone to come forward and contribute to this righteous deeds.

For detail information one can contact on below number.

Adil Shaikh : 9773614737

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