June 8, 2023

Fund appeal for Noorani masjid – Vasai

Dear Brothers In Islam,

It is with sincere expectation that i am writing this post to you all…

Kindly spare a few minutes to go through my message.

While a few of you know me personally, for those who do not know me … my name is Salil Baig, working in Hexaware Technologies as a Service Delivery Manager. Am a resident of Vasai (a western suburb of Mumbai)

Vasai is majorly a cosmopolitan suburb. Muslim population alhamdulillah is not something that one can boost about in Vasai. Thus masjids are also few and far.

I am personally associated with one such House of Allah – Noorani Masjid in Vishal Nagar, Vasai West.

A few decades back some like minded muslim brothers came together to start this masjid. Until recently Noorani masjid was managed by a few senior citizen caretakers and volunteers. There was no registered trust.

Background of Noorani Masjid and its sanctum

This masjid is located on the ground floor of Noorani Apartment. There are two one bedroom apartments on the ground floor. Noorani masjid is located in one of the 1 bedroom apartment. A total of 60 – 65 devotees can be accommodated at any point in time inside the apartment space.

Outside the apartment on the two sides the space between the boundary walls and the actual building is compact hence cannot be utilised. Space on the third side of the building (two wheeler parking space) was also made part of the masjid that accommodates the wazu khana, istinja khana and allows space for 5 safs (rows) for offering prayers (approx 50 – 55 devotees)

Due to lack of space inside the masjid and the sanctum, it is a challenge on Fridays to accommodate everyone who comes to offer their prayers. To accommodate everyone, two jamaats are conducted on Fridays. Devotees also use the space on the footpath on Fridays. During ramazan, an increase in footfalls see three jamaats on Fridays.

The committee members for long have strived hard to ease these hardship and alhamdulillah the owner of the other 1 bedroom apartment on the ground floor has now agreed to sell his apartment to the masjid.

Since there was no trust so far, it was decided by the care takers to register and form a trust and only then carry out this purchase of additional property for extending the masjid. A trust was thus registered last year in 2022.

Please refer attached documents for details.

Alhamdulillah, the cost of the property is ₹32 lakhs and we have so far been able to collect ₹31 lakhs in the last few months. Balance pending is ₹1 lakh. Kindly note that this amount is just the cost of the property. It does not include the stamp duty / registration cost (8%). The other costs and expense of apartment renovation is also not yet worked out, though it is estimated to be “additional” 6 lakhs approximately (stamp duty + registration + renovation + including the balance amount of ₹1 lakh)

As we are in the process of extending the masjid space hence this sincere appeal for your donation. Kindly donate generously and make it a source of Sadaqah Jariyah.

You may use the following options for donation:

  • QR code / UPI Id
  • Bank Transfer (copy of cheque attached)

Kindly DO NOT donate your zakat, fitra or sadaqa for this cause.

You may share your transfer acknowledgment receipt with me on my personal whatsapp – 9892255444

Jazakallah Khair

Your Brother in Islam
Salil Baig