May 19, 2024

O You who love to Promise, Remember to fulfill your Promises





Easy to say, hard to do. Right?

It is hard to understand how easy it is for such people to utter such delicate words not realizing such utterance bear such heavy responsibility.

*Allah rewards those people who swear by His name and fulfills that.*
in sha Allah
We all take benefit from this wonderful story from one of the companions of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam.

There was a Sahabi named ‘Amr Ibn Jamuh Radiyallahu Anhu who suffered from a disability he had in one of his legs, so he used to limp.

‘Amr RA had four young sons and his entire family had the honor of converting to Islam. When the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam set out for the Battle of Badr, ‘Amr RA also got ready to go. But his sons stopped him, saying that he was exempted because of his disability. With their persistence, their father didn’t take part in the Battle of Badr. He was then very disappointed at missing this opportunity.

Then a year later, when the Battle of Uhud arose, he said to his sons “O my sons! You prevented me from going to the battlefield of Badr; don’t try to stop me from going to Uhud.” The sons again talked and tried to convince and explain to their father about his exemption on participating in the battle.

But the old man, ‘Amr RA, desired martyrdom, so he limped to the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam and complained until his heart’s desire came to his lips and he said: “By Allah! I have a strong wish to be martyred in the way of Allah and thus limp my way to Paradise.”

The Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam repeated what his sons had already told him (that he is exempted from participating during the battle). Even though ‘Amr wasn’t religiously obligated, but with his passion and determination, the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam advised his sons that there is no harm if they let their father go. That it is just possible that Allah may grant him the honor of martyrdom.

Thus, ‘Amr RA took his sword and left for the battlefield of Uhud. The old man with the disability reached the battlefield and fought fiercely. In the end he was bestowed with the robe of martyrdom; his dearest wish was granted.

When his wife Hind Bint ‘Amr RA reached the battlefiled, she discovered that her brother, Abdullah Ibn ‘Amr Ibn Haram RA, who had a deep friendship with ‘Amr Ibn Jamuh RA, had also been martyred. The friends were buried in the same grave.

*The Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam said: “By Allah, There are some persons of Allah such that if they swear by Allah, He fulfills their oath. One such person is ‘Amr Ibn Jamuh. I have seen him enter Paradise limping.”*

*Subhan’Allah. Such is an honor and reward from Allah from those who fulfill their oaths in His Name.*

The story might be such a heavy example as to which one may ask, so what is the connection of this to our saying “Wallah” or swearing in the name of Allah as an expression.

It is to remind you that you should have a great desire of fulfilling something before you utter it while accompanying it with swearing it in the name of Allah, for such promises should be fulfilled accordingly as it was uttered to be done for His Sake.

This is a heavy responsibility for each and everyone of us, so be cautious about it. So if you have have a habit of saying such words, then do your best to stop from it.
Do not swear and use such words lightly for you may not realize that you are actually doing something harmful to your own soul.


And we pray that Allah forgives our shortcomings and that He helps us remove such habit of saying such words when we do not mean any of it and that we may be amongst those people who fulfill their promises not only to people we promised to but most especially for Allah.

Story was taken from

• Sunan Al Kubra, Al Baihaqi 9/24
• Sahih Ibn Habban, Hadith 7024