June 23, 2024

Quran Tilawat

Tilawat e Quran for Marhoomeen (departed souls)

Please enter details of your relatives who have departed and wish to have Quran recited by students of Madrasah Darul uloom Rasheedia & Jamiatul Irshad

Darul Uloom Rasheedia – https://darululoomrasheedia.org/quran-tilawat/

Jamiatul Irshad – https://www.jamiatulirshad.org/quran-tilawat/

Note: There is no hadiya taken for performing the Quran recitation for departed souls.

May Allah swt accept it from all of us. Aamin

You can also sponsor a Hafiz on behalf of departed ones so that they keep receiving rewards continuously. Yearly expense is Rs 14,400/- only and monthly expense is Rs 1200/- only

Visit Sponsors section for complete list of sponsors
Contact Mufti Muhammad Aamir Ali on https://wa.me/+919368012274

Jamiatul Irshad sponsors
Contact Maulana Muhammad Naushd on https://wa.me/+919594828928