June 19, 2024

Surah Al-Ahzab Ayat 30 Daily Qur’an & Hadith (02 Dec 2023)


English Translation of Al-Quran

[33].Surah Al-Ahzab [The Confederates]

Ayat 30. O wives of the Prophet  [SAWW](PBUH)! Whoever of you commits open sins, the torment for her will be doubled, and that is ever easy for Allah.

Tafseer of Surah Al Ahzab (The Confederates) Ayat 30. O Consorts of the Prophet! If any of you were guilty of evident unseemly conduct, the Punishment would be doubled to her, and that is easy for Allah. Evident unseemly conduct: i.e., proved misconduct, as opposed to false slanders from enemies. Such slanders were of no account, but if any of them had behaved in an unseemly manner, it would have been a worse offence than in the case of ordinary women, on account of their special position. (Cf. 33:32). Of course none of them were in the least guilty. Cf. 33:19. But here the question is not about punishment or this kind of offence. Even minor indiscretions, in the case of women who were patterns of decorum, would have been reprehensible; and the punishment in the Hereafter is on a higher plane, which we can scarcely understand. But Allah can appreciate every shade of motive in us. More or less is possible there, which might not be possible in the rough and ready law which we administer here.


English Translation of Hadith

 Hazrat Anas bin Malik (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: Messenger of Allah ﷺ [SAWW](PBUH) delivered a Khutbah to us the like of which I had never heard from him before. He said, “If you knew what I know, you would laugh little and weep much”. Thereupon those present covered their faces and began sobbing.

[Al-Bukhari Volume 8, Book 76, Hadith # 493].

Another narration is: Messenger of Allah ﷺ [SAWW](PBUH) heard of something about his Companions upon which he addressed them and said, “Jannah and (Hell) Fire were shown to me and I have never seen the like of this day in good and in evil. If you were to know what I know, you would laugh little and weep much”. His Companions experienced such suffering on that day that had no equal. They covered their faces and began to weep. [Al-Bukhari].

Lesson: We learn from this Hadith that Jannah and Hell do exist. The Prophet ﷺ [SAWW](PBUH) was shown both of them. 2. Excessive laughing is improper because it indicates that one is careless and forgetful of the Hereafter, while a Muslim is required to be all the time alert and careful about it. 3. To weep out of fear of Allah, is praiseworthy because it indicates that one’s heart is full of fear and he is worried about the Hereafter.