May 19, 2024

Surah Ar-Rum Ayat 49 & 50 Daily Qur’an & Hadith (07 Sep 2023)

English Translation of Al-Quran

[30].Surah Ar-Rum [The Romans]

Ayat 49. And verily before that (rain), just before it was sent down upon them, they were in despair!

Ayat 50. Look then at the effects (results) of Allah’s Mercy, how He revives the earth after its death. Verily! That (Allah) Who revived the earth after its death shall indeed raise the dead (on the Day of Resurrection), and He is Able to do all things.

Tafseer of Surah Al Rum (The Romans) Ayat 49 and 50. Even though, before they received (the rain) – just before this – they were dumb with despair! Then contemplate (O man!) the memorials of Allah’s Mercy! – How He gives life to the earth after its death: verily the same will give life to the men who are dead: for He has power over all things. After the two Parables about the purifying action of the Winds and their fertilizing action, we now have the Parable of the earth that dies in winter or drought and lives again in spring or rain, by Allah’s Grace: so in the spiritual sphere, man may be dead and may live again by the Breath of Allah and His Mercy if he will only place himself in Allah’s hands.

English Translation of Hadith 

Hazrat Ali (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Messenger of Allah  [SAWW](PBUH) said to me, “Recite: `Allahumma-hdini wa saddidni (O Allah! Direct me to the Right Path and make me adhere to the Straight Path).” Another narration is: `Allahumma inni as’aluk-alhuda was-sadad (I beg You for guidance and uprightness).”

[Muslim Book 35, Chapter 17, Hadith # 6573].

Lesson : This Hadith brings out the following points “As-Sadad” means correctness and uprightness. Here, it signifies “please grant me the ability to do everything in a correct manner”, that is in accordance with the practice of the Prophet (PBUH). Some scholars of Hadith have interpreted it as steadfastness and moderation. Both interpretations accord well with its original meanings.