May 19, 2024

Umar & the Boy


This is the story of ‘Umar Radiyallahu Anhu and this little boy who had a donkey in place near Madinah.

It was narrated by Al Hassan Al Basri Rahimahullah that one day, on a hot and scorching day, ‘Umar went out with his robe palced over his head, then he passed by a young boy who was riding a donkey, and said to the boy, “O young boy, carry me with you.”

The boy jumped off the donkey and said, “Ride, O Leader of the Believers.”

The boy said this, insisting that ‘Umar ride in front on the saddle, and that he ride behind him.

However, ‘Umar rejected the boy’s offer, saying, “No! Instead you ride, and I will sit behind you. You want me to sit on a smooth surface (on the saddle), while you sit on a rough surface.”

‘Umar climbed the donkey and sat behind the boy, and when they entered Madinah, the people stared at them, amazed that their leader was commuting in such an uncomfortable manner while an ordinary boy was seated comfortably on a saddle.“

Allahu’akbar, look at the humility of ‘Umar and his sense of equality and kindness. Indeed, sometimes, that’s one of the best things we could give to other people who work so hard to earn a halal living, to serve them or make them taste the service they give to us.

*The smile, joy and happiness that we give to these people cannot be matched by what we could give them by paying for their services, this is a blissful joy that people actually care about them, that their services are actually seen and appreciated.*

Wallah, if we all were like of ‘Umar, without carrying our own chairs, we would be more sensitive with our actions and the way we deal with other people who serve us with the best they could.

And we pray that this short story reminded us of something we could work on ourselves in the future. Aameen

Story was taken from

• Ashaab Ar Rasul, Mahmood Al Misri 1/157