June 23, 2024

Today is a New Day

*Ever realized how strong we are?*
Ever thought why everyday we are able to wake up to face another day, that we were able to survive yesterday with complete undistorted or less of a human?
*Well, it is because of the Mercy of Allaah, and because we are still fighting our battle, because Allah is still sustaining us with His Love, Guidance and Protection.*

So are we not to say

*Today is a new day, not the broken pieces of yesterday. our battle hasn’t ended yet, so fight again, and now stronger and braver than yesterday.*
In sha Allaah.

Just never despair of His Mercy, Better days are coming, keep the faith always have hope, never let depression live in our hearts rather crush the depression with the faith and trust we have in Him.

We are all facing such struggles these days and will be given comfort by Allaah who is
*As Salaam*
That in His Love, Guidance and Protection we among others who are struggling would find such ease in our trust in Him.
in sha Allaah.