October 4, 2023

The Whole World is in State of Lockdown


Children are at home and all mothers must be tired as it’s hard to keep them engage especially when the screen time is very limited ..

But I was thinking and questioning myself are we really in a lockdown???

The otherday reminded me of the *boycott of Shaib abi Talib* and behold that thought numbed my entire body… ???

We, with all the luxuries of our homes…

We, with our pantries stocked with food items…

We, with number of gadgets and activities for children…

We, with proper heating and cooling system are calling our stay at home (that is also for our safety) a lockdown???

*How ungrateful we are and how forgetful we are of our history…*

Remember the time when the whole Banu Hashim and Banu Mutalib were confined in shaib abi Talib.. without food supplies, without trade. They were forced to drink rain water and had to eat the shrubs just because spreading the message of truth and supporting Prophet

*It was not for 14 days, it was for almost three years…*

So next time when you and I feel down and stressed, reflect on our history. Or even if we think that they were our pious predecessors and we can’t compare ourselves with them, then think of our
*Syrian, kashmiri brother and sisters.*
*What price they are paying ?*

My dear brothers and sisters, a momin is always in a win win situation. Whenever adversity hits him, he endures with *Patience*
and whenever good reaches him, he shows *Gratitude.* ?

_No evil comes except with the will of Allah and remember Allah will not test us beyond our limits.._

*Stay safe.. stay at home and connect with Allah and your family?*