May 19, 2024

Romance in Islam


Look at the story of Abdullahi Ibn Abubakar and Atikah bint Zaid.

Atikah was so beautiful, one of the most beautiful female companions.
They were so in love, that they were mad about each other, if they could swallow each other they would have done that.

Abdullahi was crazy about her, to the
extent that he started missing Salat and Jihad, until Abubakar Siddiq (RA) commanded Abdullahi to divorce her.

Abdullahi became depressed that
he started singing love poems about Atikah up and down at home.

This was what made Abubakkar(RA) to re-consider the issue and eventually Abdullahi and Atikah were back together again, and Abdullahi even made
Atikah to promise him that she won’t marry any other man after his death.

The Prophet (SAW)
said, a woman will be with her final husband in Jannah (Tirmidhi).

Abu Darda and Umm Darda were also another lovebirds, to the extent that when Abu Darda died, Umm Darda refused to get married again because she thought no other man can replace Abu Darda.

When Muawiyah proposed to her, she declined and said, am already engaged to
Abu Darda in paradise.

How sweet! That’s eternal love.

Marriage can be made beautiful or terrible, it all depends on the spouses.

When Umm Silah, the wife of Ahmad Ibn Hanbal died, he wept and said, I have lived with this woman for the past 30 years and we never quarrelled for once.

People asked him, how is that
He said, whenever I am getting angry
she keeps quiet and whenever she is getting angry I keep quiet, so we never had a mutual argument.

How romantic!

How many couples today can spend a week without

Brothers and sisters learn to be romantic
and sweet, some of you are even shy of
expressing your love for your partners.

If you don’t tell them your feelings, who

Ahmad Ibn Hanbal said,
women love to be told clearly that they are loved.
It strengthens the feelings and affection.

If you refuse to express your feelings for her, it will create a barrier of harshness between you and her.

These are just a few instances.
Islam is not a boring religion.
Jokes, sports, love and romance are all allowed in Islam.

In fact, Islam is the epitome of love, kindness, tenderness, mercy and compassion.
Islam has a better alternative to the western civilisation.

So instead of reading the western lovely stories like that Romeo and Juliet, Paolo and Francesca, Antony and Cleopatra, Tristan and Isolde, Lancelot and Queen Guinevere etc…which often end in tragedy, so read the lovely stories of the companions to see the best form of love and romance which is pure and sanctimonios.

Read the lovely story of Khadijah Bint Khuwaylad – the best love ever,

Atika and Abdullah – two love birds,

Hanzalah and Jameelah – blissful of honeymoon,

Umm and Ikramah – love on the run,

Umm Sulaym – Islam is my bride price,

Hind Bint Umayyah – jealous but pious,

Umar and Ummu Khulthum – couple and social work to mentioned but few.