December 12, 2023

Surah As-Sajdah Ayat 03 Daily Qur’an & Hadith (16 Oct 2023)

English Translation of Al-Quran

[32]. Surah As-Sajdah [The Prostration]

Ayat 3. Or say they: “He (Muhammad  [SAWW](PBUH) has fabricated it (the Al-Quran)?” Nay, it is the (Quran is) truth from your Lord, that you may warn a people to whom no warner has come before you (O Muhammad  [SAWW](PBUH), in order that they may be guided.

Tafseer of Surah Al Sajdah (The Prostration) Ayat 3. Or do they say, “He has forged it”? Nay, it is the Truth from thy Lord, that thou mayest admonish a people to whom no warner has come before thee: in order that they may receive guidance. The force of “or” (am in Arabic) is that the only alternative to the acceptance of the Book as a divine revelation is the supposition that it was a forgery by the Prophet ﷺ But this supposition is absurd on the face of it because (1) Quraysh, his critics, knew him to be an honest and truthful man; (2) he was unlettered, and such a Book would have been beyond his powers as a simple unlettered Arab, unless Allah inspired it; and (3) there was a definite reason for its coming as it did, because the Arabs had received no Messenger before him and Allah has sent Messengers to every nation. The Arabs very much needed guidance for themselves, and the advent of a World Prophet through them was what might have been expected in view of the past course of Allah’s Revelations.

English Translation of Hadith 

Hazrat Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Messenger of Allah  [SAWW](PBUH) said, to Jibril (Gabriel), “What prevents you from visiting us more frequently?” Thereupon was revealed the Ayah: “(The angels say) `and we (angels) descend not except by the Command of your Rubb. To Him belongs what is before us and what is behind us, and what is between those two”. (19:64)

[Al-Bukhari Book 06, Chapter 60, Hadith # 255].

Lesson : as mentioned above in Surah As-Sajda Ayat 003 “Nay, it is the (Quran is) truth from your Lord” This Hadith tells us about the Prophet’s  [SAWW](PBUH) desire for meeting angel Jibril (Gabriel) to have that knowledge which was revealed to him by means of Wahy (Revelation). It also tells us that angels descend to earth for certain missions by the Command of Allah. They have no say of their own in any matter. It also indicates that it is permissible to inquire about Muslim brothers after a long period of time as this is a sign of true love.